Since 1925

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From the Grill

Since 1925

You may not believe this but a gambler was responsible for the creation of the Hoagie in my mother and father’s grocery at 1212 W. 3rd Street in Chester’s West End.

There was a pool hall about four doors up the street from Mom’s store and a group of gamblers held card games there from Thursday through Sunday every week.

One summer afternoon back in 1925, one of the men who cut the game decided to take a break and he walked into the store to get a pack of cigarettes.

MOM WAS COOKING in the back kitchen and the aroma penetrated throughout the store.

The aroma apparently whet the man’s appetite and he asked Mom if she would make him a sandwich…

James Russell

“Hadn’t stopped in quite some time due to a change in career but found myself driving down 452 recently and had to stop by. The hoagies and steaks were just as good as I remember. Thanks for the memories and I will be back soon.”

Lance Kellum

Just read some of the articles on the cork board that describes the history of this long standing legend known as the original hoagie shop. Hand crafted by the 3rd generation master, always a delicious work of loving art. No need for lettuce, I suggest trying the roasted long hots though! Also offers the giant 2 serving roll option. Call ahead at lunch time or plan to wait for awhile. I’ve enjoyed well over a hundred of this must have experience!

Ronald Barnes

Di Costanza Sandwich shop makes the finest hoagies and sandwiches in the Chi Chester area and a a very reasonable price. I ordered a small Italian hoagie and it was so packed that it’s impossible to close the sandwich to eat it. I had to eat it as an open faced sandwich and split it with my girlfriend. Really good food. 👍


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